Evening & Large Group Acitivities

As the sun goes down over Stanwell Tops, that doesn’t need to signify the end of a busy day at camp.  There are a number of exciting activities we can run with large groups.


Evening Activities - Disco

A disco is a great way to finish of an active day! With an up to date playlist and awesome lighting, the evening is run by enthusiastic Tops staff, starting immediately after dinner.


Trivia Night

Evening Activities - Trivia

What is a group of owls called? What is the 23rd word of the National Anthem? Form teams and amaze your friends with your wealth of general knowledge. Our instructors will facilitate your group through rounds of questions to determine the ultimate trivia winners. 


Newspaper Fashion

Evening Activities - Newspaper Fashion

A fantastic activity, for large or small groups. Each group is asked to create a fashion wardrobe from newspaper and sticky tape. A fashion parade and voting round out a great evening of creative indulgence. 


Group Games

Evening & Group Activities - Group Games

Form teams and join the fun. Through some funny and challenging high energy games our instructors will encourage your group to mix and enjoy their time together.

A great way to start your camp or spend a night. 


Speed Stacks

Evening Activities - Speed Stacks

Sport Stacking is an exciting individual and team sport where participants of all ages and abilities stack and unstack 12 specially designed cups (Speed Stacks) in pre-determined sequence with amazing precision and dexterity.

While stacking cups might sound a little strange, it is a fantastic high energy activity that includes both individual and team challenges.