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The best camp I have ever been on!

Really fun

I really enjoyed my stay at the tops the staff were funny and they made the camp the best stay ever

Shoalhaven High School

I am beyond impressed with the flexibility, service and generosity at the tops. Chris was the most incredible program leader and helped us to achieve our goals, despite rain and lightning. Our students bragged the whole way home and I have never felt prouder of what they achieved under Chris and his teams guidance. Accommodation was amazing, food was amazing and the venue was amazing. Special shout out to Shannon and John who were also amazing!

An Oldy But a Goody

Always a pleasurable experience returning back to The Tops on a yearly basis. Everything right through to the facilities, staff and hospitality is done at a professional level. Looking forward to spending our next church event now and into the future!

School Camp

I love Stanwell Tops. Of course my favourite part was the giant swing. My camp at Stanwell Tops will be the best school camp I will ever go to.


always a treat to be at stanwell tops and instantly loving the vibe from staff i have been there for drastic and i always fall in love being there
so much fun


pretty lit camp. at first i was hesitant to go cause all i wanted to do was stay home and go to sleep but the instructors made everone feel welcome and happy so cheers.. also Jed who had us most of the time was awesome


OH MY GOSH!!! this place is absolutley amazeballs everyone should go and try there poached eggs and fish

Camp 2016

This was amazing! I just came back from camp, I loved the food, activities and cabins! You should really go here!

My School Camp 26 to 27/04/16

The Tops was an adventure I will never forget. All the staff members and instructors were very friendly and always ready to have fun. I loved Cart Racing, Survivor, and High Ropes, but my favourite activity was the Giant Swing, going first and going to the top was a challenge I was willing to take, with my awesome instructor Ash having my back I was about to "expand my comfort zone and go to my adventure zone." The food was delicious and the cabins were a great communal space for me and my friends. I can't wait to come back here again and make some more great memories. (I was so sad to leave) PS: Ash is really cool

School camp

School camp was the best so many fun activities to do the food was yum the accomodation was great And the instructors were the best.

Awesome Camp

The camp was awesome, all of the activities were farm and the food was great. Blake is the best instructor


I love the tops so much it was the best fun ever! They catered for my dietary needs and all the instructors were so lovely to me and nice! The leap of faith was so scary but Tris and Michael were so nice and encouraging!They even put up with my craziness. Tas, Cam and Kirsty helped me go to the top of Goliath and Grace was so kind and patient during survivor. Thank you for having us and we will se you soon. ALSO TRY THE SATAY FOR DINNER SO YUM. Posted 9/915 the day we got back from yr 8 camp!

School Camp

Thank you to everyone I enjoyed it so much and just got back!My favourite thing was the food and the Goliath Swing. Big thank you to all the the staff

School Camp

Just came back and had the best time ever! Instructors were funny and the food was amazing. Cart racing was definitely my favourite! :D

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