Kids may be apart, but that doesn’t mean they can't be in the same room…​

We recognise that while kids are online a whole lot more than we might like, they are still feeling disconnected from their friends. Tops Online is creating opportunities for kids to invite some of their friends together for an arvo of facilitated fun and connection - just your child, a few of their friends and an Outdoor Guide from The Tops to help navigate the adventure - in everyone's favourite place: zoom!​

There’s a few different online options to choose from, but mostly it’s a chance to hang out and spend time with their friends – as friends.​


How it works:​

  1. Select an adventure and a timeslot at​
  2. Once you book a slot for your child and their friends, we will send you a unique code. Share this code with your child’s friends' parents – this will allow them to book into the same timeslot, so its just your child and your invited friends.​
  3. We will send you information with all you need to get ready for the afternoon, including the zoom link and any resources.​
  4. On the day, we’ll confirm with an email and see you on zoom.

Minute to Win it:

  • This adventure invites your child and their friends to interact with each other through fun “Minute to Win it” style games that involve creativity, speed and a lot of laughter

Simply Cooking:

  •  Join us online to spend an hour baking some delicious afternoon treats to then enjoy together over zoom. Invite your child and their friends to learn the art of simple baking while interacting through games and conversations facilitated by our Tops guides.


  • This adventure invites your child and their friends to jump online and explore the world of Minecraft together with one of our Tops guides. Your child and their friends will work together to collect resources to build and create their own world.

Paper Games:

  • Paper can create almost anything, like a jumping frog, a soccer ball, a butterfly or a plane. Join us for an hour where we take a standard piece of A4 and bring it to life.


Tops Online is facilitated by outdoor guiding staff from The Tops Conference Centre. All guides are trained group facilitators hold valid working with children checks. Visit to see more about what we do when we aren’t online.​

Online sessions will typically take place on school days after school hours and for approx. 1 hour and 5-7 participants – see specific booking options, costs for more details.

We will be utilising the zoom platform for our online experience. The zoom call will be password protected and strongly administered. Administrators will only welcome participants who are registered for the event via the Venuelife registration process.

We welcome parents to be around and supervising what happens on screen during camp. For your childs safety, we will be recording the zoom sessions. Your child/ren will be encouraged to use zoom backgrounds where suitable to obscure clear view of your home.


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